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Portfolios are edition prints that are sold as a set. Each set will be printed on the same size paper many times using the same process and sharing a theme. Because I like working in series these portfolios are many times related to the “art series” heading of similar name. Each image below will send you to a page to see the set of images in the portfolio. 

boundaries X (detail e) 2007

Boundaries Intaglio, Graphite 8 images paper 12 x 12 inches edition of 10

tally (ladders) 2007

Tallies Viscosity Intaglio 12 images paper 15 x 11 inches edition of 10

Travesl LA 1

Travels Intaglio paper 9 x 7/ 7 x 9 inches 15 images edition of 10

Self Portrait

Blind Contour Intaglio Set of 9 images paper 11 x 13 inches

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