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“Travels” is a portfolio of intaglio prints where images came from film and digital photographs that I took while traveling. I consider this portfolio of prints part of my “Architecture” body of work. An edition of 10 portfolios were printed on Stonehenge paper and contain 15 images and one title page. The size of each paper is 7 x 9 inches and each image area is 5 x 9 - 6 of the images are vertical and 9 horizontal. The prints are housed in a handmade folder and the title pages is an inkjet print.

Travels Chi 1
Travels LA 2
Travels Chi 2
Travels Chi 4
Travels Chi 3
Travels LA 3
Travels LA 4
Travels San Fran 1
Travesl LA 1
Travels St Louis 4
Travels St Louis 3
Travels St Louis 2
Travels St Louis 1
Travels San Fran 2
Travels NY
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